Jesus calls us to vote, says Kandiah

Evangelical speaker and writer Krish Kandiah is encouraging Christians to vote for the party that will help them change the world.

Speaking to hundreds of young Christians at Spring Harvest this week, Kandiah stopped short of saying which party to vote for but urged them to realise that voting in the next general election mattered.

Kandiah, founder of Facebook group ‘Nick Griffin does not speak for Christians’, encouraged them to see voting as an opportunity to act on behalf of the poor and marginalised.

“As election fever polarises the UK between reds and blues, between the involved and the indifferent, Jesus calls us to vote – daily,” he said.

“He does not call us to complain, criticise or condemn from the sidelines, but to work together each day with our leaders to bring change.

“In this way we vote for those who can’t speak for themselves, who can’t access justice and who can’t see hope.

“We vote for the sake of our neighbours – the marginalised, the oppressed and the global poor.

“And on May 6, Jesus calls us to vote for a government that will help us change the world.”

Labour and the Tories have gone head to head this week with the release of their manifestos. While Labour have placed a heavy emphasis on reform of the markets and state, the Conservatives speak of returning power to the people in their manifesto launched this morning.

Following the launch of their manifesto yesterday, Labour has been criticised by the Conservatives and other opponents for failing to give any details on how it will reduce the country’s hefty £170bn deficit and for refusing to rule out raising VAT in the future.

The Conservative manifesto promises to do away with Labour’s planned increase in national insurance contributions and includes a freeze on council tax for two years.

Kandiah has just published a book written jointly by Labour MP Andy Reed, Conservative MP Gary Streeter, and Liberal Democrat MP Steve Clegg. “No Spin, Sleaze or Scandal … Just Politics” offers spiritual inspiration for those new to the political scene and seeking to get more involved with the democratic process.

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