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Robert Morris resigns, Gateway elders say they didn't have all the facts

The Board of Elders of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, announced Tuesday that the megachurch's founder, Robert Morris, has resigned, and they have retained a law firm to investigate a claim made by a woman who alleges Morris sexually abused her over multiple years in the 1980s beginning when she was 12. …


Episcopal Church grapples with 'transformative role' in Native American residential schools

Two commissions overseeing research into the denomination's part in the assimilationist schools are asking Episcopal bishops to grant access to archives in their regions and to recruit research assistants of their own. …

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  • The voting conundrum for socially conservative Christians like me


    The traditional Christian gospel is the only hope of eternal salvation for the people of this country but it looks as if they are going to give Labour an overwhelming mandate to make its proclamation much harder in the coming years. …

  • Did Jesus say 'love is love?'


    The subtle movement from "God is love" to "Love is love" is not an accident. …

  • Seven insights from Scripture to inspire us as the world seems to grow more dangerous


    Everywhere we turn there is bad news, even apocalyptic warnings that Western civilisation is coming to an end. Many people are expressing fear and anger about world events and politics. Yet the Bible promises us peace - in our hearts, if not in the world around us. Here are seven Bible verses that can help us to think more Biblically about our troubles: …

  • From dreams to reality: The miraculous growth of Christianity in Iran


    The Islamic Republic of Iran is predominantly a Muslim-majority country. The estimated number of Christians accounts for approximately 1% of the population. Nevertheless, as an Iranian Christian convert, I am greatly encouraged because Christianity is on the rise in Iran. …

  • Christianity marginalised


    It is no coincidence that as Christianity fades in the West so do those values which have distinguished the West: tolerance, freedom of conscience, the value of all life and personal responsibility. …


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