UCB to launch prayer line for Armed Forces

United Christian Broadcasters is to launch a new prayer line to support members of the British Armed Forces and their families.

The 'Forces Prayerline' will be launched at St Clement Danes church in London on Thursday, the Armed Forces Day of Prayer.

The prayer line will be manned by trained volunteers across the UK and will be open to receive calls from distressed servicemen and women seven days a week.

The service is being launched in partnership with senior chaplains in the Armed Forces and will be publicised widely in bases and Forces publications across the UK, UCB said.

Colonel Paul Eaton, who led the planning committee said, "The Forces welfare services are brilliant when there's a crisis - as I discovered when a young RAF airman of mine tragically committed suicide.

"But through prayer we may be able to reach people before the crisis breaks, bringing hope to those in despair, encouragement to those who are dispirited and comfort to those who are suffering.

"Of course, if the Prayerline saves lives or marriages, that's brilliant. But it's not just for those in dire straits; it's for everyday situations too, when we're concerned about work, the kids, our mates, our family, our next posting.

"So even for those everyday issues, I believe the Prayerline will be a tremendous help for those that use it."

Christians across the UK are being invited to join in the Armed Forces Day of Prayer.

Prayers will be said for troops and chaplains deployed around the world but particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as for family members and medical personnel.

Christians will also pray for God's protection over Britain from enemies, that He will "turn their hearts to peace and justice for men and women", reads the official prayer outline.

On the web: www.pray4ourforces.org.uk